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"DIE ZOMBIE DIE!" he yelled, shooting you with…

Nerf darts…?

You looked up at the person, He had blond hair with a stuburn cowlick right at the part, he was wearing a camo uniform, had a florescent pink a purple tie tied around his forehead, dark war paint on his cheeks and a blue light saber was strapped to his back like a samurai sword.

After a moment or so he lowered the gun, a very confused and slightly stupid look on his face.
"_________," he said. "You're not a zombie…" You rolled your eyes and plucked a dart off your shoulder.

"Lucky me…" you muttered.  "Alfred, what ARE you doing…??" you asked shaking the dart at

Alfred flicked on a light switch that was next to him so you could see him clearly. He kind of looked like he hadn't slept for days, but was hyped up on energy drinks, but you ignored that fact because  that's when you noticed the room. It was completely destroyed, garbage everywhere, broken dishes were scattered in the kitchen, it was a complete and
total mess.

You wondered how long it had taken Alfred to cause such mayhem.

"Errr…" he scratched the back of his neck. "Iggy and Francis are out of town, so we're having a party." You frowned.

"'We're' being you and Matthew..?" You asked uncertainly, you couldn't see Matthew being okay with this. You highly doubted he even knew about it.

"Nah, he's in his room. I was talking abo-"

"LIKE, DIE ZOMBIE!" Yelled another voice. Then Feliks, a classmate of yours appeared next
to Alfred in similar apparel (but very very pink) and struck you in the forehead with another orange dart. Where it stuck. You pursed your lips and rolled your eyes.

"Like when did _________ become a zombie?" asked Feliks, lowering his gun.

You groaned and pulled the dart from your forehead. You started heading to Matthews bedroom. When you past the two boys you stuck the dart on your shooters forehead. While he attempted to pull it off you raised your eyebrows at Alfed.

"Feliks… really?"

Alfred shrugged. "Everyone else was busy!!"

You laughed lightly and headed down the seemingly endless hallway to Matthew's bedroom. His room was right at the end, almost secluded from the other rooms. But that's the way he liked it.

Slowly, silently, you opened the door. Inside, the room was just like always. Clean and proper, beautiful scenery pictures were pinned everywhere on one of his walls, a golden sunset in a field of wheat, taken in the fields of Saskatchewan, Beautiful waves crashing on shores of P.E.I, a peaceful little fishing doc in Newfoundland. Matthew had told you about all these places, making one of your greatest dreams to see all these places with
the shy Canadian.

Then you noticed laying Matthew on stomach on his bed with his little bear Kumajiro at his side. His little curl, bound on not lining up with the rest of hair hung in front of his face like always. He was wearing a red sweater a plain pair of jeans and a pair of white socks. Unlike his brother and parents, and most others, who wore shoes in the house, he was usually barefoot. It was actually pretty rare to see him wearing even socks. You had also taken up this Canadian habit, always taking your shoes of whenever you went somewhere. He was reading a novel and looked theroly interested in it.

"What'cha reading?" You asked, scarring Matthew so bad he jumped, sending his bear to the floor. You took a few steps forward, gently picked up the little bear and handed him to Matthew. "Sorry…"

He gingerly took Kumajiro from you and placed him at his side, sitting up so he was facing you.

"I-It's alright. I didn't hear you come in…"  You smiled, receiving Matthew's shy smile back.

"So, what are you reading?" You plucked the book out of one of his hands and looked at the cover, sitting next to him on his bed as you did. "End War?" Matthew nodded.

"Yeah, we need to read it for English class. We'll… my group anyway…" You nodded.

'My group' probably consisted of Gilbert, Matthew and Alfred.

Matthew was probably going to get stuck with all the work.
As usual.

And, as much as you hated it, there was almost nothing you could do about it, you weren't only in a different class then Matthew, and you were also 2 years younger then him. And next year, Matthew would be moving to a different school for University; luckily not moving out of his house, which was rather close to yours, but you wanted to spend as much time as possible with him before that happened.

"Okay" you said, handing him his book. "If you have to read it, then we can read together!" You stood up and walked over to his book shelf, browsing through his small library. A moment later you turned to him with a weak smile and scratched the back of your head. You'd always felt like that when you talked about Matthew's bilinguisume. "You rearranged your books again… and I can't find your English ones…" You said.

"O-oh, right.." said Matthew, standing up quickly and walking over to you. He stood right behind you and reached up over you to the top shelves which were full of English books, while the lower ones-the ones you could actually reach- were full of French books.
You were pretty sure Matthew didn't realize how close he was to you, his chest so close to your back you could feel his heart beat. His arm was brushing the top corner of your head. You could feel your ears and face turning red.

"W-what book do you want, e-eh?" he said. Adding his cute little 'eh' to the end of the question.

You realized he must've sensed how close you were, because he usually only said that when he was embarrassed.

So I guess you could say you heard it quite a bit.

"ah, doesn't matter.." you said, shrinking slightly and blushing .

It took a second, like he was trying to pick something you would like but then he pulled a book from the shelf and handed it to you.

"H-here." He said.

A few minutes later the embarrassing moment had passed and you were both on his bed reading. You were lying down on the side nearest the wall with your head on a large pillow.  Matthew was sitting up with his back against the back board of his bed.
You weren't very interested in the book he had given you. It seemed interesting enough, but you were looking around you. For some reason your mind was just wondering around the room. Whenever Matthew would look up from End War you would quickly look back at your own book and pretend like you were reading.

Above Matthew, on the top of the back board of his bed sat 12 or so vintage maple syrup bottles. Not that cheep get-it-at the superstore Aunt Jemima crap. These were golden brown pure maple syrup, maple leaf shaped bottles strait from the stores of Banff. Every year Matthew's family went to Canada, mostly for him. How they remembered to do this when they couldn't even remember his name half the time was a mystery to you, but he always brought you back something nice.  

You were contemplating how the sun shone through the bottles, casting beautiful lights on the wall behind it when you noticed Matthew was looking at you quizzically.

"Oh-" You quickly looked back at your book pretending to look interested.

"We don't need to read if you don't want to, I can always read this later..." he said, slowly closing the book.

"Hmmm..?" You looked up from your book, pretending like you had just been reading.
You laughed when Matthew gave you a look that meant he wasn't buying it.

"Ha ha, sure, what'd ya wanna do?" Matthew thought for a minute then shot his door a thoughtful glance when a deafening crash came from the other side.

"We could go somewhere?" he finally said. "Sure we'd have to find our way through that but at least we wouldn't have to deal with it... right?"

You smiled. "Sounds like a plan!" You started getting up; to put the book away in the book shelf. Matthew also took the oportuniy to stand. Somehow you both tripped over… something and sent to the ground next to his bed.
Matthew had banged his head against the wall slightly and was rubbing his head. He opened
his eyes. And blushed.

"M-Matthew…" You said, struggling to stand up.

It wasn't going well.

He looked up into your eyes as you sat on top of him.

Slowly, ever so slowly he took his free hand from his side and slid it under your ear and around your neck. You relaxed, letting your body lye on his and your back slightly against his bed.

Matthew sat up, never taking his eyes off you, and pressed his lips against yours.

You  wrapped your arms around his neck.

When he pulled away, his face was red and so was yours.

Before either of you could say anything Matthew's bedroom door burst open and Felixs and Alfred burst in and started pelting you both with darts.

Felixs held up his gun. "Gross~ are you guys, like, making out?!"

Alfred paused as well. "dude, no way! Now they're both Zombies!" and with that, the self proclaimed 'Hero' and Felixs fled out of the room.

"a-ah-ah..!"  you said, looking back over to Matthew, slightly bewildered and flustered.  "What just happened..?" you asked.

"I think we're Zombies.." he said.

"up for some brains?" you asked him, giving him a little smirk.

"sounds like a plan." Said Matthew, a wave of courage washing over him as he scooped you up in his arms as he stood.

"AH!~" You screamed, not expecting this from the shy boy.

"T-the truth is…" he said, still holding you with your arms around his neck. "I.. really like you _____.."

You reddened. "I really like you too.." he placed you on your feet, took your jaw in his hands and kissed you again.

"ready to be zombies?" you asked after the kiss.

"Ready as ill ever be." Said Matthew, the adrenaline from the kiss slightly messing with his usual over-passiveness.

"One." You said, back to his bedroom door and nerf gun ready.

"two." He said, taking your hand and opening the door slightly.

"Three!" you said together, rushing out the door towards the unsespecting Alfred and Felixs who were making 'hero smoothies' in the already destroyed kitchen.


"WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE HOUSE!?" Yelled Arthur from the door. Felixs, Alfred, Canada and you stood, shoulders slumped in a row as Francis expected the house and Arthur lectured you all.

"We leave you alone for two days; TWO DAYS and we come home to this! Matthew, Alfred what have you two got to say for yourselves! And inviting a girl over! I thought I raised you better than that Alfred!" Alfred rolled his eyes and scratched the back of his neck.

"Actually, I didn't invite her." Arthur frowned but went on.

"Well either way you all must help to clean this place up! Now get to work! Felixs, Alfred you two will start in the living room. It seems to have taken most of the blow."

He handed the two boys a bucket, some gloves a mop and some sponges.

They trudged off towards the living complaining as they did.

"Matthew, ________! You two can start by picking up the broken dishes in the kitchen!"  

You both headed to the kitchen together. You went down on your knees and started picking
up the bits of broken glass as Francis obsereved you from his spot next to the fridge. His arms were crossed over his chest and he looked at his younger son with pride.

"I knew it was bond to happen someday," he said, waving his arm back and forth. "I' am just disappointed I was not here to see it. Alas~" You and Matthew  sat up on your legs and looked back at him. "don't worry, your secret is safe with me." He said, like you knew exactly wheat he ment as he started out of the kitchen. "but a word of advice: do not get her pregnant.." he shrugged. "quite yet, anyway."  He winked. "au revoir, Mattieu, _______." And he left the kitchen to go annoy Arthur.

"Your father is so perverted!" You said, squeezing your eyes tight.

"Yeah.. I know.."
[EDIT] 1,165 views and 88 favs?! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH~
[EDIT] OMG you guys thank you so muuch for all the love :iconiloveyouplz:

My second Canada X Reader story!

its kinda.. everywhere.. it doesnt follow one certain story line.. sorry about that..

I do have an "Extra ending" type thing.. that involves England and France coming home and.. some peverted Francy-ness.. but I'm not sure whether i like it or not. If anybody wants to read it, ill put it here too. but for now, not.

EDIT: i added the Xtra ending.. yeah..
EDIT: Au Revoir, not Houravoir **scolds self* I SHOULD KNOW THAT! AHHHH!!!
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"Francis obsereved you from his spot next to the fridge. His arms were crossed over his chest and he looked at his younger son with pride."

Oh my gash! Arthur and Francy did /it/! So… does that mean that England is Alfie and Mattie's /mom/? *wiggles eyebrows*

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